Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Max (But Were Afraid to Ask)

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My name is Max Nussenbaum, and this is my web site.

I’m Head of Product at Upside, where we’re building private referral infrastructure for independent professional services businesses. I also write Candy for Breakfast, an email newsletter about funny feelings, weird careers, making art, and how to be alive, delivered every other Sunday.

Before Upside, I worked at On Deck, where I built products for founders and ran On Deck Writers, which was kind of like a startup accelerator for internet writers. Before that, I was cofounder and CEO of Castle, a property management startup which had a brief moment in the sun before collapsing in 2018.

At various other points in my life I’ve been a graphic designer, web developer, fiction writer, mediocre freestyle rapper, game show contestant, musical lyricist, and probably a few other things.

In a past life, I was a 2012 Fellow in Venture for America’s inaugural class, where I bought and restored a formerly-abandoned mansion in Detroit with some friends who later became my Castle cofounders.

I’m originally from Newton, Massachusetts, and did my time at the infamous Newton North High School before graduating from what Gawker called America’s most annoying liberal arts school in 2012.

This web site has been around in some form or another since 2001, when I bought a book about HTML and read it instead of paying attention to my fifth-grade teacher.

You can find me on Twitter (definitely), Instagram (a little personal, but sure), LinkedIn (just vomited), and Goodreads.

You can email me at .

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